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Generals terms of sale and shipping

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Generals terms of sale and shipping

General terms of sale and delivery

The works are sold without framework.
The prices are indicated without engagement and all inclusive of tax.

Forwarding :

Free of port and packing.

Packing :

oil :

case manufactured out of paperboard doubles groove quality 30kg, cover external kraft.

interior protection by expanded polystyrene plates of 10kg/m3.

expanded polystyrene corner of 20mm thickness.

watercolour :

tube manufactured out of spiral paperboard of 200mm thickness and covered with blank paper or kraft quality 120 g/mē.

closing with plastic ends and strip of gripping.

Invoicing :

The invoices are established and dated from the day of forwarding and are accompanied by a certificate by authenticity by works.

The applicable tariffs are those mentioned on this site.

Payment :

With the order by Paypal without expenses and protected with free opening of account) or any other means of payment to the suitability of the purchaser after agreement with Ghislaine Giustiniani.

Reserve property :

Delivered works are acquired by the purchaser only after integral payment of the amount related to the invoice.

The delivery is not a transfer of property (law N 80335 of May 12, 1980) and not paid works are recovered.

Transport :

Transport is ensured by the french postal services and is done with the risks and dangers of the recipient, with whom it belongs to make the statutory reserves near the conveyor.

Only the court of Dijon is qualified in the event of dispute.