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Ghislaine Giustiniani was born in the heart of Burgundy’s vineyards. As a little girl she played with crayons and paintbrushes and grew up with dreams of studying art.

At the ‘Beaux-Arts de Beaune’ art school she honed her drawing skills working on nude models and Burgundy architecture.

At the ‘Beaux-Arts de Dijon’ art school she worked with oil paints and concentrated her studies on contemporary art. After a period spent in abstract study, where peculiar forms meet loud colours in strange atmospheres, she rebelled and declared that she “prefers that which touches her rather than that which surprises her”.

She developed a figurative impressionist style in which her sensitivity brought out the meaning of our experiences and our values. Later, with Antonina Alupi, a painter from the ‘Académie des Beaux-Arts de Paris’, she learnt self-knowledge through nature and creation. She now understands the full significance of the workings of both observation and the imagination.

Every one of her works translates the atmosphere and the emotion felt when contemplating this nature, expressing the invisible through the visible using the three dimensions of tone, light and colour.

“You need to be able to close your eyelids whilst opening the eyes of your heart in order to feel the meaning of my artistic approach”, she says.

After Ireland last year, this year she exhibits Burgundy in Spain.

Her works can be found in a number of private collections in Germany, England, Ireland, Austria, the United States and France.

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